There are thousands upon thousands of fonts available online and range from totally free to nearly $5,000. With such a wide variety of fonts available, finding the right font for your project can be time consuming. I’ve searched through thousands of fonts to find this collection ideal for digital sketchnotes.

What You Need to Know

  • All fonts are available through 1001 Fonts and are tagged as free for personal and commercial use.
  • All links go directly to the 1001 Fonts download page for the selected font.

The Fonts

Title Fonts

Title Fonts are eye-catching and create strong contrast with the rest of your document. They are typically set at a larger size than any other font on your page. This should be the first thing your audience notices when they see your sketchnote.

Clementine Sketch by teagan_white

Beltway Prophecy by prophecy.font

Chrysalis by Unauthorized Type

Outer Sider by Brian Kent (Ænigma Fonts)

CODON by Tom Murphy (Divide By Zero)

Sketchbook by Unauthorized Type

Sub-title Fonts

Organization is a key element to any great sketchnote. Sub-title fonts are strong and stylish and help you create sections for individual concepts and ideas.

Stinky Kitty by Parallax

Ravenous Caterpillar by Brian Kent (Ænigma Fonts)

Hand Drawn Shapes by JLH Fonts

Lamebrain by Brian Kent (Ænigma Fonts)

Cabin Sketch by Pablo Impallari (Impallari Type)

Pinball Data by Tom Murphy (Divide By Zero)

42 by Dale Harris

Flatline by Dustin Norlander (Cheapskate Fonts)

Hand Me Down by Brian Kent (Ænigma Fonts)

Paragraph Fonts

Legibility is your top priority when choosing paragraph fonts. These fonts must be legible at small sizes and in chunks of multi-line text.

Mad Scrawl by Brian Kent (Ænigma Fonts)

Ænigma Scrawl by Brian Kent (Ænigma Fonts)

Bromine by JLH Fonts

Lights Out by Brian Kent (Ænigma Fonts)

List Fonts

List fonts are great for single lines of text. They still need to be legible at small sizes, but can have a bit more style than paragraph fonts.

Agata by Christopher Young

Daniel by Daniel Midgley

Resurgence by Tom Murphy (Divide By Zero)

Davis by Tom Murphy (Divide By Zero)

Desyrel by Kilgore Trout (Apostrophic Labs)

This Boring Party by Tom Murphy (Divide By Zero)

One Constant by Tom Murphy (Divide By Zero)

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